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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Dave Brubeck Jazz Legend Tribute

My Visual Art Inspired by Dave Brubeck, Jazz Legend

Tribute to Jazz great, Dave Brubeck.  Take Five and Time Out are synonymous with Dave Brubeck a Jazz Artist.  Many of my paintings have been inspired and colored by his music.  Before I even pick up a brush I set the mood; I load my CD player with Jazz of many great musicians.  Most often at least one of Brubeck’s discs are in to start me off.

Now he has passed on, today, December 5, 2012 in the morning.  This will make my canvas feel a little empty as I give space in his remembrance of someone who inspired me as a visual artist. Rest in peace Dave, you have given and shared your gift to the world with great generosity, color, sound and love.  We, who are so familiar with your unique and masterful magic of music as a pianist and composer are blessed.

One painting in particular comes to mind, it’s my expression in response to his continual complex and inspiring work (Brubeck) is my ‘Jazzy Flowers’.  All I listened to before and during brush strokes hitting the canvas was Brubeck.  I named the painting in honor of his music years before his passing today.  Now the original has long since been placed in a Private Collection, but I do still offer Metal Prints of the same painting.

I hope any of you reading this will find the music and musician(s) that inspire you in some creative form of expression for your own uniqueness.  You may even be the Artist of your form that inspires another to start something simple or profound.  Never underestimate the power of the connection people make with what you share of yourself and craft.

Thank you Dave Brubeck for sharing your heart and soul through your music.  Blessings to his family and friends.  He is already greatly missed, and yet I will celebrate his life and paint even more to the sounds of Brubeck.

Friday, September 14, 2012

See The New Art Only Dedicated Site by Phoenix, The Moody Artist

Is your primary interest in Art?

Check out the new and still growing Site for Phoenix, The Moody Artist. is a dedicated place for Art only. You'll find The Gallery, All About Art with more photos and articles, plus how-to information. This Site will still offer some Art related Posts and a mixture about Life, Biz, Wellness and You.

See the recent Article and Post from 9/13/2012 written by Christa Martin in the Santa Cruz Sentinel in both Sites about Phoenix, The Moody Artist. 

An October Exhibition at The True Olive Connection starts with the Reception on 10/5, 6 - 9 PM. Come and see the all new Series: 'Paint by Flavors'. Read about what inspired Phoenix to paint fifteen images all about flavors at the new site!

Santa Cruz Sentinel on Phoenix The Moody Artist

Art as, 'Paint by Flavors' exposed in an article by Santa Cruz Sentinel on Phoenix, The Moody Artist

A visually tasty affair happening in October!

Christa Martin wrote a great article about how Phoenix, The Moody Artist was inspired to paint a new Series, 'Paint by Flavors' for The True Olive Connection. Phoenix creates moods and moving experiences visually. Read the complete article which was in October 13,2012, The Guide insert on Page 2 of the Santa Cruz Sentinel.

Starting October 5th with a Reception, 6 - 9 PM at 106 Lincoln St., Santa Cruz, come for the First Friday Art Walk. All fifteen painting of the Exhibition will be up for viewing and purchase all of October. Don't miss a chance to see this Concept Art of images created out of 'tasting' flavors of Oils and Vinegars.

Friday, April 6, 2012

The Life of Art

The Life of Art  

 Go deep in your Soul --- reaching for seeds of primal beginnings to the Life of Art.

What is the Life of Art? It's a mosaic of Spirits dancing, singing, brushing, playing, drawing, cooking and writing bringing breath into expression.  Art has unlimited forms, I've only mentioned a few.  It starts with an undeniable urge.  Sometimes it pops-out and some expressions come lurking out of the dark side of your Soul into the Light.  Pay attention to your thoughts and feelings, they are loaded with Art!

Life of an Artist - my personal experience is ideas bouncing around like Mexican Jumping Beans.  Funny how M.J.B'S just jumped on my writing page.  I hadn't thought of them since getting them for my fifth birthday!  Anyway, back to Art.  The catalyst's for creation may be from the taste of something bitter.  Exotic images may be the birth of wild music.  The ease of daydreaming allows slow seeping drainage like sap from a tree and the transference goes willfully to pen and paper, or something creative.

No one escapes Life, it stops for no one.  Art is available to everyone.  We taste it, eat it, smell it, see it, feel it, touch it, love it, hate it, sense it --- it is Life.

Art is in all of us.  Life can be raw and crude; beautiful and ugly with relentless challenge.  The Life of Art is that which bleeds slowly or gushes like a spring rising up inside our Souls --- no permission needed.  Life and Art --- just IS.

Next time you deny your personal creativity or disclaim you are an Artist, cook it, write it, carve it, strum or drum it --- just do something to let it out and let it live!  The Life of Art, take a breath and exhale creativity in any form that comes natural to YOU.

Smiles, Phoenix, The Moody Artist

Saturday, March 3, 2012

MEET THE MINI'S, WORKSHOPS FOR 2012: Life, Business, Wellness and More!

What really matters to you? Explore the possibilities of 
profound positive changes.

Make 2012 Your Best Year Ever!    Find Out What Really Matters To You.    This Is Your Opportunity To Succeed in
Life, Business, Wellness, Spirituality, Personal Growth, Lifestyle and Creativity!

Meet the Mini-Workshops being introduced from March 4th through June 10th of 2012.  First listed are the Titles for each one, below them are full details; you will want to put these in your calendar.  These are all 'Mini's'  of  popular expanded Workshops; the Mini's are designed for accelerating and making changes for what matters.  You will come away with many Tips, Tools and Techniques for much greater insight, clarity and focus for your Personal and Professional success and happiness.  Most of these 'Mini's are a mix, and can be focused individually for either business or personal, or both, the Workshops will be customized to fit the needs of the attendees. These Workshops have proven success records and Tools that really do work! The space is limited for each one, consider registering in advance. Please read ahead how you can receive 'special pricing' if you sign-up for multiple workshops in advance, or if you bring a guest(s)!

Series of 8 Workshops for better Business and Personal Growth;
Plus Creativity Unleashed!

Presented by Phoenix of Phoenix Life Solutions & Strategies
Always Experiential, Fun, Informative, Interactive and Producing Positive Life Changes!

First up:   DIVINE SHIELD for Boundaries, Protection and Confidence
                 (This weekend on 3/4 Sunday, a couple of spots are still open!)

Two:        SUCCESS, What’s Stopping You? Are You Bored? Unmotivated?
                Are You Procrastinating?
(Next weekend on 3/10 Saturday, 
                                                            sign-up now!)

Three:     POWERFUL HEALING WISDOM for chronic & life threatening 
                                                                            health issues. (4/14 Saturday)
Four:      TAME YOUR EMOTIONS! Feel Like a Tsumani? Overwhelmed? 
                                                               Angry? Sad? (4/15 Sunday)

More will be posted later in March for details on Workshops after 4/14/2012.

DIVINE SHIELD for Boundaries, Protection and Confidence
Sunday, March 4, 12-5 PM,  $65 at the door.
  • ·Nothing else works for Self-Definition and protection like this!
  • ·Develop a proven Ancient Shield of protection that allows for greater boundaries and definition.
  • ·Be protected by the Shield from unwanted emotions and energies.
  • ·You will feel stronger, clearer and know the difference! (Proof: I use dowsing rods before/after)
  • ·Who for? Everyone; and those in domineering Relationships; Teachers; Students and Practitioners.
SUCCESS, What’s Stopping You? Are You Bored? Unmotivated? Procrastinating?
Saturday, March 10, 2-5 PM, $35 by 3/5, $45 at the door.
  • ·Discover practical Tips, Tools and Techniques for effective changes in your life.
  • ·Spiritual meets Practical, learn why you go through this unfulfilling cycle.
  • ·Learn what motivates you—really, and how to stay on course.
  • ·Come open and leave with a new sense of purpose and passion.
  • ·Take right action, get motivated & engaged; follow through for your ‘real’ dreams and outcome you ‘really’ want and deserve!
POWERFUL HEALING WISDOM for chronic and life threatening health issues.
Saturday, April 14, 2-5 PM, $35 by 4/9, $45 at the door.
Phoenix is a Cancer, RSD, Fibromyalsia thriving survivor; plus has direct experience with family, friends and clients experiencing MS, Depression, CFS and more. She has assisted in skillful healing and coping methods, also with the passing of loved ones.
  • ·Learn Tools and Secrets for tapping your Body’s own healing ability.
  • ·Discover your Spiritual path for Healing and loving yourself to health; plus Guided Imagery.
  • ·You will get Techniques that use your ‘Base Chakra’ to raise your Healing Energy to wholeness.
  •   If you are a Caregiver you will learn better how to balance your life with those you are caring for.
  •   Get How-to methods that are healing when caring for others and yourself, and the passing of others.
TAME YOUR EMOTIONS! Feel Like a Tsumani? Overwhelmed? Angry? Sad?
Sunday, April 15, 12:30-5 PM, $50 by 4/10, $60 at the door.
  • ·Learn How-To cope and handle ‘tough circumstances’ with Tools that work.
  • ·Make better decisions being calm without fear or anger through proven Techniques.
  • ·Overwhelmed? Tame, calm, neutralize and balance your emotions; effectively manage them.
  •   Panic attacks? These Techniques have been powerful to overcome or better master an attack.
  •   You will learn how to better control your own emotions and be more positive in your approach to life.
More will be posted later in March for details on Workshops after 4/14/2012.

All Workshops are in East Santa Cruz, Pre-Pay and Register for Details and Directions.
Discount for: Seniors/Students $   Discount: $5. off for each paid guest you bring.
Non-Refundable for Discount Series Pre-Pay for 3 = $4 off;   for 6 = $12 off,    for 7 = $15 off  for 8 = $20 off

If you want to sign-up for more than one Workshop, you'll have to email me through my Meetup group first. If you want more information or to register go to my Meetup group, become a Member, send me an email or/ and use PayPal and get $3 off as a Member.: 

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My name is Phoenix, since childhood I’ve been aware of my natural born intuitive abilities. My work and studies include many conventional and alternative medical and healing facilities. Some of my education, skills and experience includes Integrated Practices at Bastyr University; Clinical Hypnotherapist; Specialist of Behavioral Rehabilitation; Drug and Alcohol Abuse; Art, Sound, Breath, and Movement Therapy; Right/Left Brain Integration; Therapeutic-Reflexive Bodywork; Eclectic, advanced, powerful and effective Energywork. I’ve been a pioneer for over 40 years in bringing forward Life and Business, Entrepreneurs Coaching and have developed and owned four successful businesses. Clients gain benefits through the Sales, Marketing, and Organizing experience that I assist them with in their business. I bring fresh concepts to their visions and goals for creating their own successful business. My purpose is to share empowering practical skills for growth and the possibility of a richer, fuller and more harmonious life for you personally and professionally. Are you ready to create excellence in your life? “Love yourself into healing. Step into your passion with success.”


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